The Inner Smile: 4-Videos, (70 minutes) $5

The Inner Smile: 4-Videos, (70 minutes) $5

Video Series 1: The Inner Smile. The first series of videos from Full Body Enlightenment instructs viewers on the fundamental practice of the Inner Smile. The inner smile meditation is a practice for turning our attention inward and expressing gratitude to our organs for all the many functions they perform all day, every day.

The Inner Smile: 4-Videos, (70 minutes) $5
  • The Inner Smile - 1.1

    Learn an overview of the Inner Smile meditation. This includes metaphors that explain the theory as well as an overview of the practice. Benefits include inner quiet, peace, calm, and increased awareness. Students will learn to feel and move energy through the major organs of the body. Tuning...

  • The Inner Smile - 1.2

    This video builds on the information in the previous video, increasing the energy and awareness in the body. Video 1.2 focuses on the digestive system and awakening the natural healing functions of the body.

  • The Inner Smile - 1.4

    Video 1.4 takes us on a tour through the endocrine glands and muscular-skeletal system. The endocrine system lines up with the major energy systems in the body, known in some systems as the “chakras.” In addition to another layer of the Inner Smile, students will learn a set of seated chi kung ...

  • The Inner Smile - 1.3

    The third video on the Inner Smile continues the practice by increasing awareness and energy in the students’ central nervous system. As we begin with warm-up practices, the energy begins to flow in the joints, tendons, and meridians of the body. This inner awareness creates a better balance bet...