The Microcosmic Orbit: 4-Videos (69 minutes) $5

The Microcosmic Orbit: 4-Videos (69 minutes) $5

Video Series 3: The Microcosmic Orbit. This ancient Taoist exercise was a long-kept secret from the general public. Fortunately today, this wonderful practice is easily accessible to nearly anyone with access to the internet. This meditation connects the two major energy channels in the body that run up the spine and down the centerline of the torso. The video shows the viewer how to balance the energy in these channels.

The Microcosmic Orbit: 4-Videos (69 minutes) $5
  • The Microcosmic Orbit - 3.1

    The theory and benefits of the microcosmic orbit are explained. Students learn the points of the microcosmic orbit, how to safely circulate and balance energy, and the best way to store the energy to safely nourish the vital organs of the body.

  • The Microcosmic Orbit - 3.2

    This video takes us deeper into the microcosmic orbit and takes students through the opening of energy centers. Movements and warmups that clear the pathways facilitate the ability to move and feel the energy in these important channels. Self-massage is used to awaken the microcosmic orbit and ...

  • The Microcosmic Orbit - 3.3

    Here students will practice specific chi kung warmups, such as warming the stove, activating the sexual centers, and opening the front channel of the orbit. By charging the vital organs and self-massaging the points of the orbit one at a time, the sensations of energy are felt more deeply.

  • The Microcosmic Orbit - 3.4

    Our final video of the microcosmic orbit provides a new and different set of movements that open and circulate energy in the orbit. While performing these movements, the mind settles into their rhythmic patterns. After, students can simply sit down and observe the energy moving in their body.